Why Work With HandymanPlus Services?

Our Ethos

Being a handy person is about uplifting spaces. It’s about making people’s lives better. Where there is decay and disfunction, a handy person can renew vitality and functionality to homes and work spaces. A handy person who loves what they do finds great satisfaction in this, and in the knowledge that they are a doer - someone that gets things done, that can adapt their knowledge to any task, that can enter into any situation and see a solution and the possibility of betterment.

Our Value Guarantee Statement

At HandymanPlus Services, we care about our work and want to give you the best experience possible with quality craftsmanship and personable, professional relations.

Our Core Ethics: Reliability & Quality. Here’s how:

  • We guarantee response to all communication within 24 hours of the following business day. We guarantee timeliness with all agreed upon meetings & job assignments.
  • We guarantee the quality of our work, and if there are any issues with the end product, we will address & repair it free of charge.*
  • All contracts over $2,000 receive free adjustments and repairs within 30 days of completion date.*
  • We have a robust staff that can address nearly any need or issue that may come up. This means all your handyman needs are addressed with ease as we make sure you’re being serviced by the best man for the job so that your projects get done better and faster.
  • All of our workers are carefully hand picked to insure they represent our values in integrity of work and professionalism.
  • All of our workers are covered by our insurance, so if any injury is incurred to them on the job, we cover their injuries, not you.
  • All of our work is covered by our General Liability Insurance, so that if anything gets damaged in your household due to the work we perform, it is covered by us, not you.
  • We provide a certificate of insurance personally made out to you from our insurance provider.

*As long as the repair or adjustment is within the agreed upon description of the original job order.

    Please let us know if you have any questions. Your patronage and satisfaction is important to us!